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Eastern 1031 Starker Exchange, L.L.C. is a full time, full service Qualified Intermediary Company. We do not offer cheap over the web exchanges with no support, because a 1031 Exchange is not a do-it-yourself concept. Our hours of operation are from 9 A.M. until 9 P.M. E.S.T. Monday through Saturday. We are the only Qualified Intermediary in the USA who can answer your questions after 5:00 P.M. or on a Saturday (no recorded message with prompts). The big problem with discount Qualified Intermediary's arises on settlement day. Your Qualified Intermediary must be available immediately at settlement as we sign your HUD I (Housing & Urban Development) Settlement Statement; as the seller via fax, immediately after, you sign it as "read and approved." If your Qualified Intermediary is not available, your settlement could be delayed or in the worst case, when your buyer has second thoughts, (as many do) the settlement may not even occur at all!

We are not attorney's, we answer your questions in simple straight forward language anyone can understand, not in brief legal terms that you will say "I understand" on the phone, but after you hang up, you are still left to figure it out for yourself. Eastern 1031 gives you and your exchange personal attention. You are not just a number in a file to us. Eastern 1031 works closely with you, your Real Estate Agent, Attorney, Accountant and Closing Agent, when applicable.

Eastern 1031 respects your privacy. With Eastern 1031, everything disclosed to us, stays "in house." Eastern 1031 will not sell or disclose any information revealed to us concerning you without your permission to do so!

All funds received by Eastern 1031 are deposited into your own personal Escrow Account in an FDIC insured bank the same day received. Rest assured, Eastern 1031 has the knowledge, experience and commitment to handle your tax deferred exchange with prompt, personal and reliable service.

Eastern 1031 even monitors the days elapsed after the settlement of the Relinquished Property, and if you are getting close to the end of your 45 day identification period or the end of your 180 day exchange period, we will call you and let you know.

Eastern 1031 can even help arrange a Tenants-in-Common (T.I.C.) Replacement Property. They offer you an excellent alternative if you are having problems locating suitable Replacement Property to complete your 1031 exchange or may be seeking to relieve yourself of tenant, maintenance or management concerns. Tenants-in-Common investments offer attractive monthly rental income and potential appreciation with speed and certainty of closing (within 10 days).

Eastern 1031 will be here and available for you when it matters the most!

Live Help Available 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday             1-717-308-1031

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